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The Smash Cake

What is a "Smash Cake"?

A smash cake is a decorated pure chocolate shell made in a form of a cake. Inside are yummy treats of your choice, from caramel popcorn, to chocolate covered almonds, truffles, candy, you name it!


Think of it as a chocolate Pinata. It is a unique and fun cake substitue for your party.


Smash Cake order comes with a rubber mallet!


Smash Cake Choices

The Outside
The smashcake shell is available in Dark, Milk, and White chocolate made from Callebaut Chocolate.

Decorations are also made with the same ingredients, but we can also add other items upon your request.

The Inside
Caramelized Popcorn, Chocolate Truffles, Candies, Cookies, Fortune Cookies, or even items of your own!

Smash Away..!